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The sword is a noble and ancient weapon that holds a fascination for many. At sworddungeon.com, we proudly serve you with some of the most unique swords & knives available. We have Medieval Swords, Handmade Oriental Swords, Cinema Swords and more. Explore and choose your weapon warriors!

Sample Categories

Handmade Oriental Swords

Ryumon Samurai Sword

Full tang, hand forged high quality carbon steel blades for serious swordsmen.

Zombie Hunters

Michonne's Sword

Michonne’s Sword is officially licensed and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

USMC Items

Elite Tactical (USMC)

A black chisel blade with guthook and sawback and USMC logo on the blade.

Cinema Swords

Kill Bill Bride's Sword

Hattori Honzo's finest, replicated and highly detailed. Black Mamba would be proud to wield this sword.


Featured Products

Ultraviolet Sword

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A full tang, highly detailed reproducted sword from the blockbuster film "Ultraviolet".

Ryumon Red Phoneix

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This handmade sword was created with traditional Japanese clay temper technique.

Fantasy Master Gambler

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A card-player’s dagger. This truly amazing weapon has detachable magnetic throwing Ace cards.

31" Spiked Mace Club

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The Spiked Mace Club (morning star) is battle ready for our enthusiastic medieval fans



Warriors! Welcome to sworddungeon.com. We proudly serve you with some of the most popular and unique swords and knives available.  We are a premier source for high-quality weapons. Find swords from movies like Kill Bill and 300, or handmade oriental swords and fantasy knives. There is also an excellent selection of military swords and knives to choose from.

Sworddungeon.com is home to a wide selection of unique and high quality weapons. Whether you are looking to collect cinema swords, militia swords, knives & axes or just a few  weapons to protect yourself against the inevitable zombie apocalypse, sworddungeon.com has a large selection of the most unique name-brand weapons available!  Our inventory consists of an amazing collection of swords and knives made by top manufacturers such as Ryumon, Masahiro and Ka-Bar.  Each weapon in our inventory has been handpicked for quality, functionality and ease-of-use. All weapons are sold at fair and affordable prices. We are The Cutting Edge!

Some of our best customers are military service members and collectors. Our inventory is constantly updated so visit often to witness and enjoy new items.  We are proud of our catalog, and we hope you enjoy finding what you need here.

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